Smart Remodeling Choices to Cut Your Budget

When you’re planning to remodel your home, it’s an exciting prospect. Most likely, you’ve been approved for a line of credit and you’ve set your sights on elaborate and luxurious fixtures. After your first major purchase and any unexpected issues, the reality of a budget starts to set in. There are ways to make sure to avoid a money drain, it just takes a little planning. Here are some remodeling tips to help you save money and stay on budget: 

1. Leave your layout as is
It’s easy to set sights on a new floor plan for your bathroom, but is it really necessary? Relocating any mechanical ductwork or plumbing can be costly and something a lot of people don’t consider when budgeting for their remodel. However, if these fixtures stay put, it will save you considerable time and money. To refresh the look, it can be worth replacing your bathtub with a new model, add stylish shelving, or decorative elements to your mirror to give it a new look without breaking the bank. 

2. Update what you already have
Although you may have already decided on brand new sinks or bathtubs, have you thought about fixing up what you already have? It may be tempting to start fresh by ripping out everything and replacing with new fixtures. However, it can be a budget friendly move to reconsider that and keep what you have already. Did you know that any imperfections in bathtubs can be filled with fiberglass? A budget friendly tub-and-tile refinishing kit can make a tired bathtub look new again. 
The same thing scan be done with cabinets in both kitchens and bathrooms. If you like the style your cabinets, consider just updating the finish and paint job with a paint kit. Your money is best spent on higher end finishing touches like fixtures and hardware. 

3. Make Smart Material Choices
Remodeling your kitchen countertops to be up-to-date and trendy doesn’t have to be expensive. Choosing an affordable countertop with a material such as quartz will still look just as good as granite, but will cost less! Consider investing in a high-end backsplash instead. This focal point will impress and add sophistication to your kitchen’s design.  Empire Services will help you choose the right materials for what you want.

4. Choose the Right Contractor
Making sure things are done right the first time is a great way not to go over budget. Mistakes can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Hiring a trusted company to renovate your home is a smart choice when it comes to big changes so you are confident you will be satisfied the first time around. Contact Empire Services today for a quote!