Wash Park

Professional Wash Park Painters Do More than Apply Colors

People might think that the job of a painter in Wash Park is easy. Part of the blame can be pointed to the many DIY YouTube videos and home remodel TV shows that make the whole process seem quick and simple. They fail to point out that most of the shows & videos are actually done by professional contractors, and that"s precisely the reason why they look so easy.

Years of Practical Training and Experience in Interior Painting in Wash Park, CO

When you hire professional painters in Wash Park, you get the benefit of years of practical experience and training. Painting a wall doesn"t just involve coating it with color. There"s a reason why a house painter shares the title: "artist" - because the job of the expert is to apply cosmetic enhancements to unsightly cracks, holes, and uneven surfaces.

In addition to the prep work it takes to ready your home for a fresh paint job, professional painters also make sure that all the colors are applied evenly through the clever use of multiple coatings, often including a primer coat. This is done for many reasons, one of which is normal wear and tear from environmental factors. For example if the sun"s rays that hit a particular spot on a wall that will fade the paint in the long run unless proper protection is applied. Often preparation involved is time-consuming, especially if the house has lots of corners, intricate moldings or sharp edges, but in the end the result is a beautifully painted home, with rich colors, clean lines and durability to enjoy for years to come. 

Whether you go with neutral tones or something with a pop of color, painting your Wash Park home is made easier with Empire Services. Call us at (303) 717-0419 now to get a painting job estimate - we look forward to hearing from you.